Building your own HIGH-END audio equipment made easy !

ALFI-AUDIO will help you to build your own HIGH-END audio equipment by supplying DIY kits and parts.
We hope to start our activities in the second half of 2017 ………

STAY UPDATED…. there is more to come..



What’s New?



SOON…in this theater…..

The HQSE12 300B Single-Ended tube power amplifier kit. This kit will be supplied completely including all parts and CNC-machined Aluminum chassis.


The HQPH9 RIAA tube preamp kit for turntable users. This DIY kit will consist of an aluminum chassis with all necessary parts supplied. It will be suitable for use with MD-stylus. An additional MC-step-up unit will be optional available.
Later this year ALFI-AUDIO will lauch building-blocks for easy development of High-voltage power supplies for tube-amps and modules for making stabilized heater supplies.

Our mission is to make DIY HIGH-END AUDIO available for a large group of people. Not only for dedicated electronic engineers, but also for people who started the audio hobby recently. We will support you with your building plans and supply building blocks and complete kits to get you started easily. Our designs will have plenty of possibilities for customisation and modification according to personal vision.


  • DIY Audio kits.
  • ALFI Building Blocks.
  • Technical Design Support.
  • Custom Designs.
  • and more to come …..!

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Always wanted to build your own amp,……. 

but never got to it……. not enough time to get started….., or started building, but not sufficient support to finish the project …….. Or you’re not a technician, but interested in building an absolute TOP HIGH-END audio product?
Many people experience these “problems”. ALFI AUDIO makes it easy for you by developing a range of products that makes HIGH-END AUDIO feasible for everyone !